Gioia (pronounced ‘Joy-a’) in Italian means Joy. Elsewhere in Europe, Joia holds the meaning, Jewel.

Interpret it as you will, Joia Cucina has been created to share the joy of authentic and modern Italian food, in a venue that’s been purposefully designed to become known as the ‘Jewel of Ivanhoe’.


We use only the freshest, locally sourced produce combined with authentic Italian imported ingredients conforming to the highest quality standards, to bring our guests a culinary experience like no other.


Our passion and commitment is evident from the moment you walk through the door, as we invite you to share in the atmosphere of family and togetherness that is synonymous with Italy.

Supporting local business

We've challenged ourselves (and our suppliers) to find local producers who can recreate the authentic flavours of Italy, right here in Ivanhoe.


Whilst it is necessary to import some of our ingredients direct from Italy (tomatoes, flour, olives, wines and Prosecco), we use only the freshest, daily picked produce from local growers to ensure our guests are provided with not only delicious, but nutritious offerings packed with the colours and flavours of Italy's finest dining regions.


we miss traveling too

Italy is not only one of our favourite holiday destinations; but it's home to many of our most cherished family and friends. 

If only we could take a ride on a Vespa to Venice, Verona or Vicenza, and feel the warm embrace of our Nonna and Nonno; the world might feel just a little more normal than it does today. 

We live in hope that soon, our global community will  be reunited. Until then however, we have each other.

We look forward to hosting you in our family's 'cucina', where we hope you'll be made to feel at home.​